Neoprene nam chau co., ltd

Neoprene Nam Chau (Neoprene Vietnam) is a manufacturer and supplier of NEOPRENE CR, SBR, TPE and EPDM foam products from reputable specialized rubber materials in Vietnam with the brand Neoprene Vietnam.
Products are widely applied in the following fields:
Garment, water sports, shoes, backpacks, bags, gloves, saddles, medical supplies, soundproofing, heat insulation, fireproofing,…
Shaping – Manufacturing and Processing On Demand

 Đc: Số 15, Đường N3, KCN Sóng Thần 3, Khu 1, P. Phú Tân, TP. Thủ Dầu Một,Bình Dương
E-mail : namchau.n03@gmail.com – namchau.n08@gmail.com – namchau.n02@gmail.com
☎️: Điện thoại: (0274) 3886660, 3886661.
Tel: contact Vietnamese, Chinese: 0937571250
 Tel: contact Chinese: 0909050881
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Our Product

NEOPRENE NAM CHAU CO., LTD was officially with main products Chloroprene Rubber (CR Neoprene) sponge, Styrene butadiene rubber sponge (CS-SBR foam), Thermalplasitc Elastomer (TPE foam), Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber sponge (EPDM foam). In addition, company also do lamination and punching process according to customer needs.

“we are premium manufacturers of technical foam materials that put comfort at the forefront”

Why choose Neoprene Nam Chau ( neoprene Vietnam ) ?

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Neoprene Việt Nam